Goldsmiths CCA Testament Installation View (High Res)-78.jpg

Part and Proposal: Storr, 2021, newsprint, thread, foraged Storr red ochre, graphite powder, fixative spray, Sound of Raasay seawater, birch ply frame with brass hooks and matt emulsion. Graphite powder and fixative spray on graph paper. 71cm x 38.1cm. 29.7cm x 21cm. Installation view, Goldsmiths CCA, London.
Photo by Rob Harris.

A Tower to Say Goodbye, 2021, newsprint, soft pastel, fixative, polyester thread, linen thread, pva glue, 401cm x 260cm. Installation view, Chelsea Sorting Office, London. Presented by General Release London.
Photo by Lewis Brander.

Sasraku29 GUTS.jpg

Spectacles in Black (Bessie Smith via Van Vechten), 2019, newsprint, soft pastel, ink, polyester thread, linen thread, wood, charcoal, steel,  240cm x 170cm. Installation view, John Hansard Gallery, Southampton.

Whop, Cawbaby, 2018, mixed media installation. Installation view, Tate St Ives. Photo © Tate, 2018